5 thoughts on “If this were a story, what would happen next?

  1. At that moment the dirty elephants began to squrt water and the
    people who were watching got wet.Suddenly the elephants start
    running.What are they doing? They are having a race!

    • An excellent idea Lucy. I like how you have used different time phrases.
      Can anyone continue the story using how phrases?

  2. This was not fair the first elephant had not started the race at the same time as the others and was counted as no points. Feeling sorrowful about the race the elephant went into a wet, soggy and smelly mud bath. Whilst he was in the stinky mud bath his friends came over wondering what was the matter. They found out why he was in such a sob and explained to the elephant that it was about the fun not the winning.

  3. At that momant the wind was very strong and blew the elephant over and then the elephant got angry and ran back and forth for 3 hours and then stopped.

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