Pieces of Iron Man Found on Beach!

We went to a ‘beach’ today to investigate the mysterious Iron Man who was seen high up on the cliffs. At the beach we found lots of broken pieces. First we used causal conjunctions to explain each of the pieces that we found. After that we worked out which pieces belonged to the iron man by sorting metals into magnetic and non-magnetic.
None of the copper coloured metals were magnetic but not everything that was silver was actually magnetic either. It depends on the types of metal that things are made out of.



15 thoughts on “Pieces of Iron Man Found on Beach!

  1. This activity was very fun and everyone tried remarkably well. Not all of the metals worked with the magnets. We all found out lots of interesting information and facts.

  2. I really enjoyed it when we went to the sandy beach.
    It was amazing!
    I learnt which metals are magnetic and which are not.

  3. This activity was very fun.
    We investigated what things are metallic with magnets.
    Afterwards we could have some time to play with the magnets.

  4. Excellent, handwriting from all of you we would think that you guys are year 5s.
    Amazing, vocabulary choices!
    How do you think of all these sensational words?

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