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  1. When I was walking past this peculiar house last week, I saw the mysterious inventor peeping through the old creaky window. Fortunately he didn’t see me. My heart was beating quickly. Due to the fact that he has frizzy white hair and wide blue eyes, many people find this intelligent inventor quite frightening. Last year he unveiled his amazing Cocoabat Machine. Apparently it is able to create the worlds best hot chocolate. However, it is not available to buy so I have not been able to test it.

  2. So I was walking through the wood and I saw a guy next to a picture in a old run Down. house he looked rather odd and looked like he was a invented and had lot’s of inventions.

  3. On a rainy day I saw a unbalevely spooky house with many propels left rite and center ther was a spooky man in the windo this man must have lots of mony

  4. On a cold, rainy, spooky, dark, night, the white haired, creepy, super scary Inventor was looking through the old misty window, and learly saw me, but I jumped in to a bush in time. “That was close” I whispered to myself, so when I looked back at the window, the Man was gone, so I hid behind a bush closer to the house, soon the old freeky man went out the house, then I went in. There were Pistons and wires everywhere! I looked through the window, the man was coming back! So I quickly ran out, and back to one of the bushes, then the strange man went in his house so I went home.

  5. I was walking in the cold spooky dark woods and suddenly I saw a broken old
    rickety house! I saw some eyes glowing in the darkness. I looked again and
    No one was there! “BOO” the man was right next to me…

  6. When I was walking through the woods, it just happens that I quite brainlessly stumbled upon a spooky house. At first I thought it was one of those houses that looks creepy but really is not and that’s when I found out the news…

    I raced home and on my way I bumped into my naber and eagerly asked about the house and my naber said wearily ” a child like you should NEVER go into that thretening house. ”

    I continued my journey home trying hard not to get distracted . As soon as I got home I asked my Mum the same question as I asked my naber and guess what she told me the same answer!!!

    Have you ever stumbled upon a creepy house?

  7. I was walking in the spooky dark woods when i found. A massive house.
    I heard a creaky door so I decided to roam inside i saw a shadow in. front of me the light swiched on Dr Tommy said “welcome. to a inventing museum”

  8. The house looks like a haunted house. And the house roof looks so creepy I would never want to live there! I wonder would the inventor likes it there.The house looks like it’s on fire.I must say a inventor’s house needs to be big in order to do experiments.

    • We like how you used causal conjunctions such as ” in order to.”
      We like how you have told the reader how the house looked like but our favourite is you telling us “the house is on fire.”
      Why does the roof make you not want to live there?

    • Well done I like how you described the old house.
      I like your wonderful adjectives.

      Don’t forget about the full stops.
      Can you describe who lives inside?

  9. The man is a inventer he live in a house which looked hauntied house.The house looks like it is on fire.The inventer’s house is creepy! I never would like to live there!

  10. I was walking down the street until I found a shabby little shed. Oh I thought kicking up and down”.god must be mad.Then, suddenly I was so amazed.When that happened, I thought this was all a joke. I just hope that it isn’t a joke really though.I wanted to make it into some sort of exciting adventure.

    • We like the use of the phrase ” shabby little shed.”
      We like how you you used time conectives such as “then and suddenly.”
      Can you describe the house using powerful adjectives?

  11. When I was strolling through the bushy green woods, lime leafy trees began to bound out of the rocky and crunchy path.
    It was showing a way to something, and just then I stumbled into an inventory house which at first I thought was haunted.
    This was quite peculiar and I wondered ‘were could this inventor be?’
    For what seemed like twenty minutes someone with frizzy brown hair stepped down the stone steps gazing around.
    My heart beated like a lion pouncing for food, I was afraid he would recognise me.

  12. I Was running down the busy street until I saw a strainge looking house.The person who lives there is a great Inventer last week he invited a incredible machine called the helpful maker in order to help you around the house.This amazing Inventer was outside his home doing some gardening.

  13. I walked down the road I saw a house but it wasn’t any old house it was the inventors house. It had three windows with spots all over it. I decided to take a little look at it when I had a look it looked very spooky. Inside the mysterious house it was pitch black it was really quiet then my mum came running down the road shouting at me she said” you shouldn’t be down here especially near this house she said ” well I was just having a little look.

    • Lovely use of the word spooky Abbie I shake you with congratulations by the hand.
      Abbie I am desperate to know why you used the word spots?
      Can you think of a better word for walked?

  14. When I was young I dreemed to become an inventor. “But now I’m alder I am going to become an inventor and no one will stop me”. I made a rocket it took me day’s so no one could see me but it was not called a rocket it was called the shock. The reason why it is called the shock it is because it shock me and it will shock you.I also made a back massager and he made a shoulder massager that is realy gorgeous.I made white board pens.I made a gigantic rose and it was all fluffy like a bed.
    And I made slappy from goosebumps .
    I made a clock whith Roman numrule.

  15. when I was walking in the bushy green woods I saw a big haunted house. In the windows I saw a man staring at me . I felt my heart beating as fast as a leopad . I ran out of the woods until I bumped into our nabour .He asked were you in the inventors house?no I wasnt I was just having a look. people like you should not go there.

    • I like how you used the adjective ‘bushy green’.
      I love your sentence ‘I felt my heart beating as fast as a leopard’ because you have used how you feel.
      Can you see the corrections?
      When I was walking in the bushy green woods, I saw a giant haunted house. In the windows a man staring at me. My heart was beating as fast as a leopard. I ran out of the woods until I bumped into our nabour. He asked me “were you in the inventors house?”
      “No I wasn’t, I was just having a look” I said.
      My nabour said “people like you should not go there.

    • We like how you used the simile ” I felt my heart beating as fast as a leapord.”
      We like the use of adjectives such as ” the bushy green woods.”
      Can you correct and spot the punctuation you have done wrong.

  16. Know one knows that there is a good inventor and he made a machine it’s name was the snaper and it wood punch you If you bin crazy.

    • I like how you have intrigued the reader by starting your paragraph with ‘No one knows….’
      You have used the adjective good.
      Can you spot the edits I have made below?
      How have I adapted your writing?
      No one knows that there is an excellent inventor living there. He made a special machine called ‘The Snaper’.

  17. When I was 15 I was walking I front of a creapy house .It was like a hellycokter
    The person who lived there was never seen. He invented bubble gum Flavered
    Jelly,cockycake ,hopkins “I invented a Densaw eggs
    I expeshaly love Ear massager ” it’s very comufy to ” I invented a movie it is called
    Goosebumps the people slappy, zach, gnomes it was very creepy and

  18. But then I finally knew what he was looking at.
    So I followed his gaze and in a sunny corner of the grassy inventor garden stood the most finest, supreme machine called the Cocoabutterbat machine.
    It made the best delicious

  19. I was walking down the hills in the misty meadows, on a normal day until I saw something awesome. In the distance, I could see an old work shed and in the window, there was a bright light which was shining through the ragged curtains.
    Cautiously, I crept over the hills, hopping about as I went. The house was amazing and I stood for a moment and stared, open mouthed at the sight of the wonderful place.In the window, I just about caught a glimpse of the crazy person inside the building. He was tall, with rough hair and a long beard, that could tuck into his large, brown belt. He looked like an inventor. It turned out that he was an inventor. I walked bravely up to the house and knocked on the door. At that moment, the inventor came down and opened the door with a creek. 5 hours later, I finally got out, because the inventor had given me a long, boring explanation of his inventions. “That was a long day but an exciting adventure” I thought as I drifted off to sleep that night.

  20. But then I finally knew what he was looking at.
    So I followed his gaze and in a sunny corner of the grassy inventor garden stood the most finest, supreme machine called the Cocoabutterbat machine.

    • I love your adjectives a lot but you need to see if makes sense as an example grasy inventor.
      Way dus theCocoabutterbat do.

      • But then I finally knew what he was looking at.
        So I followed his gaze and in a sunny corner of the grassy inventors lawn stood the finest, supreme machine called the Cocoa Butterbat machine.
        There was a choice, you can have either cocoa butter which was mainly smooth silky butter with sprinkled chocolate all over. It was called the Butterchoc. The second choice was luscious. It was scrumptious hot chocolate with marshmallows which looked like sweet clouds drifting in the diamond blue sky.

  21. This inventors house is as creepy as a haunted castle.
    The inventor created a new machine called the Cocoa butterbat machine.
    It makes the finest and supreme delicious, silky smooth and brown like a log hot chocolate which can be with marshmallows or without them.

  22. When I was walking to my friends house a saw a peculiar house made of wood.
    It had big metal gates round the outside of it therefore no one could get out.I felt frightend when I saw this strange house.I looked in the little glass
    window and I saw a man who had frizzy purple hair and he looks like a scientist.

    • I love the way you used adjectives and punctuation like full stops capital letters .
      Can you think of any more adjectives?

    • We love your writing Tia because you have used lots of adventurous adjectives such as creepy spooky eagerly threatning.
      You have also used a various amount of punctuation.
      Check the spelling of neighbour.
      What happens next ?

    • I like how you have used the phrase who had frizzy purple hair and he looks like a scientist.I love that you have used the causal conjunction therefore. Also could you add a question.

      What other adjectives could you use ?

  23. I was sprinting through the terrific ,shabby camp until I saw a weird looking shed, then silence…I stood open mouthed in amazement.POOF, the curtains like cylinder balls opened ,wildly I ran .PHEW.

  24. I saw an old man peaking through the dirty window with spider webs EVERY WERE !!!!! . I was curious, who was this man?

  25. WOW !!!!! an amazing piece of writing i liked how you described the inventor like his white curly hair, also i like the word peculiar and i love it were you put he was peeping through an old creeky window i love the cocobot machine it sounds lovely i would love to have the worlds best hot chocolate YUM YUM !!

  26. WOW!!! What an amazing piece of writing!!! Well Done Bumblebees!!!! I like how you descibed the inventor! Also I like the Cocobat Machine!!!! You have really worked hard on this Bumblebees!!! Could you add another sentence????

  27. The inventor’s house looks very creepy and also weird in some way but looks friendly to me.
    Do you know who invented the inventor’s house?

    • I wonder who did invent the invented the house maybe a child who has been stranded in the middle of nowhere and found a pile of junk to build a house for them to live in.
      Question : what do you think?

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