7 thoughts on “The Snoozatron!

  1. This machine is definitely spectacular.
    It can make you fall asleep in ten minutes!
    In fact, I think that every single school should have a Snoozatron because it would be really helpful to get to sleep and the next day you will not be tired and get to school as quick as a flash!!!

  2. This amazing machine will help you to sleep. You can turn this on when you come home at midnight you would want to get to sleep. Sometimes you wouldn’t want to use it for that because you could wake them up at midnight but they would spend most of there night bouncing on a spring to the owners bedroom and they would rather be in bed.
    You could also use it like to use it as Wallace used the snoozatron.
    I dislike the snoozatron a bit because the person who is the sheep holder was happily sleeping when suddenly the alarm flashes.

    • It is a spectacular machine which makes you fall asleep really quickly, although the person who is the sheep holder was sleeping happily until they end up bouncing on a spring for the whole night!

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