Problem Parachutes

Today we have been learning about air resistance in order to help save the Ironman. We hope that the perfect parachute will help to make his fall from the cliff less deadly.

We have planned and carried out a fair test.

Each group investigated something different including the right size, shape and material.

What did you find out Bumblebees?

9 thoughts on “Problem Parachutes

  1. I found out that the star shape would be the best shape for the parachute because when I tested it the star shape went down the slowest.
    Me and my group made different shapes out of a plastic bags, a square, circle, hexagon and a star.
    Afterwards we tied up some pieces of string onto the parachutes which we thought was a bit complicated because they kept falling of, and then we finally did it.
    We investigated which shape was the best by dropping the parachutes at different heights.
    I think that the star is the best shape.

  2. Today we were saving the iron man by using parachutes this is how we did it:

    We all went in 3 groups and we all did different things. The first group did the size the second group did the shape the third group did the material. What we did is the slowest one is the best one for the iron man. Before, we tested out the parachutes we got to make the parachutes. In the end we had all the parachutes so we used stopwatches to find the right parachute for the iron man. At the end we all got our final parachute.
    The first group which did size got 30cm which was the biggest one so if you do an experiment like this remember it has to be quite a big one.
    The second group which did the shape got a star shape which was quite surprising for us.
    The third group which did the material got a material called blue fluffy.
    So now we have got all the other information we can help the iron man.

  3. The perfect parachute is:
    Size: 30 cm
    Shape: star
    Material: brown fluffy material.
    This is the most successful parachute for the Iron Man.

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