48 thoughts on “Owls

  1. Some owls are nocturnal but some hunt in the day. Also, if their is a road in a place were they hunt, they might crash into a car.

  2. I learned that owls have ears right next to there eyes. Only owls sweat from there feet. Only big owls can turn there heads 270cm.

  3. Big owls can turn their heads 270 degrees small owls can turn their heads 180 degrees.

    Oscar is a very bad barn owl.

    Olws can sweat through their feet.When their hunting owls ceap their eyes closed for 15 seconds.

    There are lots of different types of owls engcluding giant eagle owl and barn owl.

  4. I learnt that bigger owls can twist their heads even more than smaller owls.I also learnt that owls can’t twist their head around.

  5. Owls cant move there eyes but they can move there head.
    Do you know how far an owls head can go round?

  6. Little owls can turn the heads 108 degrees (which is the amount we can turn.) Big owls can turn there head 270 degrees (which is half way.) I also learnt that there ear is roughfly 1cm away from there eyes. Also sweat comes from there feet. They do there own special pattern of finding there prey it’s going in a square and turn right and go in another if they don’t find prey then they do the same routine again till they find one. I also learnt that owls don’t drink they find liquid in there food. When owls poo they don’t just poo they poo and we at the same time. If they have big bright eyes that means they are awake during the day because they need to have sight of all the brightness if there dark and small that means there nocturnal (are awake during nighttime.)

  7. 1.Big owls can turn their heads 200 degrees small owls can turn their heads 128. 2.For example owls eat mice, and then they have got this illumination and when their prey stops, the glowing stops. That way owls know when to drop and eat!

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