Wallace just can’t get to sleep!

We have been writing exciting sentences using adverbials and conjunctions.

Wallace pulled the single large level on the control box in order to activate the system.  (Ryan)

A flashing alert goes off in Gromit’s bedroom so that  he can get ready for action.  (Isabelle)

The snoozatron enables Wallace to have a good nights sleep however  Gromit is repeatedly woken up. (Logan)

Gromit has an alarm in his bedroom so that wallace can pull the lever in order to wake gromit up. (Grace)

When wallace has counted a lot of sheep, he began to fall asleep. (Charlie)

After the cycle has finished, Wallace begins to quietly drift off to sleep. (Sophie)

Once Gromit has finished his breakfast, he begrudgingly gets changed into a fluffy sheep costume. (Oliver W, Isabel)


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