A Remainder of One!

In maths today, we started to look at remainders. We read a story about a bug named Joe who was always being left out of the parade because the Queen liked everything to be equal! We explored this problem using counters and how we could make sure Joe wasn’t left out any more. Can anyone remember what array worked when there were 25 bugs in the squadron?

Just a note to say…

I just want to say how unbelievably proud I am of how hard SO many of you are working on completing your 3 reads a week. I was beaming with pride in today’s Star of the Week assembly when we achieved 93%! A very big thank you to all adults for their continued support with home learning. Let’s keep it up Bumblebees! 🐝

World Book Day 2018

What an exciting day! We had so much fun today creating stories, freezeframes and puppet pals based on our favourite characters. Everyone made such a fantastic effort with their costumes and it was lovely to get a chance to read some of the stories the children based their outfits on. We even got to share our books with the children in Rabbits. Well done everyone!